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Micro cassettes with computer programs.

I’ve got some micro cassettes with programs for P2000 and the Microtrainer (SDK-85).

Lets try to get this into executable code again.

(I sold my Philips P2000 last year before I found these tapes)

I bought a Cassette player (voice memo recorder) from Marktplaats (dutch ebay), and a mini jack cable (2.5mm to 3.5mm)

There are two things i’m going to try.

Converting the recorded audio into executable code using python or Puredata.
And making a print to connect the tape player to the SDK-85.

Connecting the player to a soundcard gave me:
Signed 16bit 44.1 kHz

(there are simular projects like this for C64 tapes and alike)
So there will be FFT tricks involved.

While browsing though this book:

I found this schematic: (page A1-39)

So that’s next to build

Finished a display case for the SDK-85

So i made a nice display case for this SDK.

I made some designs and came up with this:

I just took a 12mm x 60mm piece of wood, and made a slit for the acrylic plastic using a circular saw, and removed a part for the back-plate using a wood router. I found a piece of acrylic in my shed, cut it to the right size using the circular saw. Slapped some paint on the wood.

I want to be able to use the sdk whenever i want, so i made a sliding window thingy. ( With wooden handle so the frame looks intact when closed. )

Then I 3D printed some holders, which I designed using Openscad.

Openscad code


    cylinder(h=9, d1=9, d2=9, center=true);
cylinder(h=9, d1=15, d2=15, center=true);
 cylinder(h=30, d1=3.5, d2=3.5, center=true);

I will probably add a powerconnector and lasercut a hole for the keypad at a later stage.