Discman hack

Last Updated or created 2023-02-02

I bought a Discman, the cheapest in the series (Don´t know the brand any more)

So it didn´t had all the functions of his bigger brother.
Like fast forward and some other things i can´t remember.
Opened it up and checked the chips on the board.

Soldering some wires (on smd chips! .. so very small) and some buttons, i’ve got the extra functions!
While adding these functions, i had an idea. How to connect this Discman to my Amiga!

I’ll post more info when i find these!
I found some binaries and source:
cdplay.s – source

Binaries for following functions:

Years later i removed the cover completely and made a floating disc player.
(The lid had a magnetic part which could hold the disc in place.
So i ended up having only a PCB motor and a magnet to hold the disc attached to the motor.

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