Using Graphviz and dot language to plot friends and family

Last Updated or created 2022-10-14

I’ve been using the dotty language for many things, this is a who is who displayer.
iptables rules displayer, open ports, gluster brinks/nodes. netstat ports.,
Wil post more about this later

apt-get install graphviz

View it on a website using mojozoom javascipt

demo :

dot file example (changed names to protect the innocent)

           digraph G {
                graph [fontsize=16];
                node  [fontsize=16];
                ericewc [shape=diamond]
                notoasat [shape=diamond]
                rwke [shape=diamond]
                prtsu [shape=diamond]
                wkmre [shape=diamond]
                hsocol [shape=diamond]
                stm [shape=diamond]
                scoisenr [shape=diamond]
                lpetg [shape=diamond]
                ptoi [shape=diamond]
                nrnag -> rean;
                rean -> grrdea;
                rean -> kmoina;
                nrnag -> aabrrba;
                aabrrba -> edide;
                aabrrba -> taamra;
                wkmre -> renei;
                renei -> ilem;
                cpb -> mttne;
                cpb -> mhyme;
                ghnhlaid -> hsanvk;
                hsanvk -> mray;
                ghnhlaid -> erbnete -> kene;
                erbnete -> ebnno;
                erbnete -> hsan;
                erbnete -> anek;
                nehri -> hetctur;
                nlicoe -> hetctur;
                ueoqnim -> hetctur;
                hetctur -> aisovwkrs;
                aisovwkrs -> amnroa;
                aisovwkrs -> gioud;
                aisovwkrs -> aulra;
                rwke -> lemtcu;
                lemtcu -> rhary;
                lemtcu -> gmc;
                prtsu -> ico;
                prtsu -> hloaa;
                nehri -> prtsu;

Making the graphics

dot -Tsvg -obig.svg
#gs -q -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -dTextAlphaBits=4 -dGraphicsAlphaBits=4 -sDEVICE=png16m -sOutputFile=big.png
convert big.svg big.png
convert -resize 800x800 big.png bigsmall.png
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