I’m a Fan of …

Last Updated or created 2022-03-20

Everyone is a fan of something .. i’ll share some things.

More elaborate pages on those topics are coming


  • Microtik (switches)
    • See other pages .. search for mikrotik
  • Shelly (Smart home devices) Switches, dimmers, powermeasurement, buttons, floodsensors, gassensors
  • Creality (3D printer)
  • Realme (Mobile) previous One-plus-one
  • Raspberry, Arduino’s
  • Reolink webcams
  • RD6006 Lab Powersupply
    • Wifi, Node-red controllable via netbus


  • Docker/podman
  • Ovirt
  • Grafana
  • Node-red
  • Pureref
  • Fritzing
  • MQTTexplorer
My 2019 Laptop word cloud design. Printed on transparent plastic

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