C64 plus drive running again

Last Updated or created 2022-05-07

20220502: Fixed another C64, PIA (Peripheral Interface Adapter) was dead, luckily i’ve got several spare-part c64’s. So that was a easy fix.

20220504: Got my sd2iec adaptor in, see bottom of this page.

Booting with a power cartridge
None of my old computers was unmodified
Demo by my old friend Sepp

Drive is a 1541model 2

De wires are going to the DOUT pins of the memory chips. Showing activity using leds. Sometimes i monitored CS .. also informative.

SD2IES Cardreader

Little small funky gadget, it replaces a 1541 Floppy drive with a SDCard reader where you can store a lot of floppydisk images on.
More on this later.

NOTE : Doesn’t work together with my KCS Power cartridge.

I’ve tested two cartridges.

Final cartridge III fastload test on a program did ~3 seconds. ( Normal load time ~17 seconds. ) KCS powercartridge didn’t work. Tip: press `runstop` when using FC3 while turning on to get into basic not the desktop.