Photoshoots again

Last Updated or created 2022-09-18

Today we did a photoshoot again. (Arja needed some pictures again). Nice to have some practice again.
I’ve been setting up a little studio in our shed. i’ve got a nice interchangeable background with multiple colors/fabrics. (White/Black/Chromagreen/Blue cloth)
I also installed the semi professional lights below.

Nice lightweight stands, with a lightbox, and a remote trigger system.
It has two modes. Flash and permanent lighting. It’s a nice piece of equipment, don’t get me wrong. But lately i’ve been using this!

These are led panels, meant for installing in suspended ceilings. I’ve got these from a friend.

I like these because they are white, and the other one a little yellow. And produce a lot of light!
Unlike the permanent lighting mode of the FalconEyes. (When using the permanent lighting mode you see what the lighting wil be. Unlike using a flash. (Which is also great, when going for other photographs)

When using a reflector like below, you can see the effect instantly.

We used the golden part to get a little warmth into the pictures.

I’m using my big painting-easel to hold the led panels. I just placed the picture holder upside down.

Those led panels are cheap, and you can get them in 3000k,4000k and 6000k (Kelvin) those three i’ve seen in online shops doing a quick search.

The rest of my equipment is for another post.

  • Nikon D750
  • Nikon D7100
  • Lenses: 60mm/35mm/200mm and 300mm