Started working on C64Pico with Bigred

Last Updated or created 2024-03-12

A week ago I got the last components delivered to my doorstep.

This project was made by Silvervest and it’s f*ckin awesome.

I was afraid to start this myself, SMD is on another level for me.
But my good friend Marco said … No problem!

So I ordered components online, which was not easy.
Selecting the correct parts, sizes and options.

These things are really really small

Using tweezers to place the components was even difficult.
The slippery tiny bastard got catapulted everywhere. (Or got stuck on fingers, soldering iron and alike)
Many small components got lost into the 7th dimension. Never to be found again.

Awesome to work on this together, but Marco said that I have to try it myself.
Welllll, I got 3/4 of the ATmega328PB-A perfectly soldered, then I notished that it was crooked.
Desoldering was a mess, and I heated the PCB TOO much with the heatgun.

My messed-up PCB, and f*cked-up IC. Leave it to the professionals.

Next step for me is soldering the 75 mini buttons!

Got a Trinitron display from him, I was looking for this for a long time.

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