Making whistles

Last Updated or created 2023-07-18

We play a lot of different whistles in our folkband.

But as always it started with one simple high-d tinwhiste.
We bought many more in all kinds of keys and also Flutes.

I wanted to have a Low whistle, so i did some research and made my own.

When making a whistle you have to take into account the diameter and wall thickness of your material.
Even the hole distances together with its diameter is important.
After a lot of calculating and some trial ‘n error.

I had my first own made Low-D whistle. The mouthpiece was the hardest part. But it worked!

After that I made a Low-Eflat which you can use together with Highland Pipes.
Also a Low-G was build, for this one i used the mouthpiece of another (bought) low whistle.

Some old pictures below.

And the Eflat & G whistles.

I tried to make one using metal, but i didn’t have the right tools to do so.

I made a Android Application a few years later to do the calculations.

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