Passing places and The Road East.

Last Updated or created 2023-08-07

Did a simple recording on one of our practice sessions.

Two tunes by Fred Morrison.

Fred Morrison was born and raised near Glasgow, but it’s the celebrated Gaelic piping tradition of his father’s native South Uist, in the outer Hebrides, that forms the bedrock of his intensely expressive, uniquely adventurous style.

We’ve been to South Uist in 2022, there are many passing places in the North and on the Isles.
But the tune Passing Places was writting because Fred was commisioned to produce a soundtrack for a film/documentary about the Hebrides.
The tune “The Road East” was written on a car journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

This is my low D whistle, I also want to play this on our Irish Flute.
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